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Fishing Lake Simcoe - Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass are found in considerable numbers in Lake Simcoe. The main concentrations occur in Cook's Bay and Lake Couchiching, although they are also abundant throughout the lake in the many shallow weedy bays and shorelines with man-made structures, such as docks and boat houses. In main Lake Simcoe, largemouth bass will inhabit deep weedlines in the same areas where perch are schooling. The main forage fish for bass in Lake Simcoe. Generally perch coloured crankbaits trolled along weedlines can be productive. When bass are less aggressive, jig 'n pigs in crawfish colours worked slowly along the bottom of weed beds can produce some lunker bass.

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Lake Simcoe also has a very healthy crayfish population and bass being opportunistic feeders, will not turn down these tasty crustaceans. With the introduction of the invasive species, gobies have also become a favourite food of Lake Simcoe bass, and many lures on the market which imitate these pests are becoming popular. Drop shoting with goby type lures can be deadly when largemouth bass are actively feeding on gobies. Largemouth Bass are very abundant in Cook's Bay, due to it's shallow and weedy nature. Fishing the weed pockets on the south end of Cook's Bay, with jig 'n pigs, texas rigged worms and Carolina rigged worms can produce some nice bass, especially in the fall. The Holland River is also legendary for it's monster bucket-mouths, 5 pounders, are not uncommon. The Largemouths in the Holland River, are concentrated in the bullrushes that line the river. They reside in the undercut banks created by the many passing boats, fish for them by pitching a jig 'n pig into the bank. Use dark colours blue, black, or brown and concentrate on areas of the river with deep water access. For the Holland River this is about 7-10 ft. Also fishing the shoreline canals in and around Keswick, can also produce some nice fish.

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In Lake Couchiching, largemouth bass can be found around deep weedlines 15-20 feet, especially in mid-summer. Fishing jig 'n pigs or large plastic worms along these deep weedlines can produce some big bass. In Lake Couchiching, the main forage for largemouth bass is perch, and casting deep diving crankbaits in perch patterns can be deadly, especially at dawn and dusk. Lake Couchiching is also dotted with shallow beds of pencil reeds and lily pads. Casting surface lures, like zara spooks, snag-proof frogs and buzzbaits in these areas can produce some explosive top water strikes from hungry bass waiting to ambush their prey. Don't be afraid to experiment when fishing for largemouth bass, they are one of the most unpredictable and highly rewarding fish to catch.

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