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Moon Phases & Fishing - Myth or Legend?

lake simcoe whitefish
Many fisherman ask themselves this question. Does the moon phases actually effect fishing success? Do fish bite and feed more during certain moon phases or is this just a myth. Those that follow the moon phases will tell you, Yes! Moon phases can greatly effect your success on the water. There is a science behind these observed feeding behaviours of not only fish, but many other animals living in the wild. During the full moon, there is more light during the night especially in shallow waters. This added light increases the activity of plankton and other small water invertebrates. This in turn, brings baitfish into these moonlit areas, since small minnows and fish feed on plankton.

As these small fish concentrate in the shallows, predatory gamefish will also become more active and begin feeding on the available forage. Since anglers generally target shallow water during the night time, the fishing is better as the gamefish become more aggressive. Fish that have good night vision like walleye and crappie are especially active during these times. Although bass, pike, muskie and trout will also feed heavily when baitfish are concentrated and effected by the moon phases.

Some lures that are effective during the night are noisy surface lures, like jitterbugs, poppers and buzzbaits. Crankbaits with rattles are also very effective, as well as spinnerbaits that create lots of vibration in the water. Glow lures are also top choices for night time fishing and can be deadly when gamefish are actively feeding.

Give night time fishing a try and go out when the moon phases are full and you won't be disappointed. Good Luck & tightlines!